Wait, two weeks?

Wow. Two weeks have passed since my last post. That’s crazy. On one side, these last two weeks have felts months long. On the other side, its still hard to believe that two weeks have passed.

We went to JC Penny to get some family portraits done today. We were really after only one specific photo:

We have this photo with each of our children and their daddy. Jaylee, Jax, and now our last baby Jace. And this one is extra special to me because Jace is wearing an outfit that was a hand-me-down from his cousin Trek.

But of course, we got some other family shots too. Because if we’re going to put in all the work to get to the studio with everyone dressed and bribed (with candy), then we might as well get several good shots.

I do like these studio photo sessions, though I think I prefer the images we get biannually with our friends the Irons. Those photo sessions seem to be less stressful for me. And they’re more casual, while these seem more formal. I suppose they’re both good – just different. Either way, I love having professional photos of my kiddos. My house wall of fame of photos is getting super full and has begun migrating up the stairway. Good thing we just finished the basement, where I can start a whole new wall of fame. 🙂

I finished my masters degree back in December, but my diploma only arrived in the last two weeks. My wonderful mom-in-law bought me a beautiful frame so that I can hang it on the wall next to our other diplomas. I see it every time I walk up the stairs, and it reminds me of a stressful and busy time when I was able to push through despite having a ton of obstacles (see: baby Jace).

Jaylee and I went to see a middle school production of Cinderella with my mom and my sister. It wasn’t the disney Cinderella, but Jaylee had a ton of fun. She fell asleep in the car on the ride home from the huge emotional high. And she did really well! (Though, to be fair, a middle school musical production is a pretty low-risk environment to take a 4 year old).

This past week was the best (teaching) holiday of the year – Pi day! My teammates and I did a fun day where kids got to go around and work on stations of their choosing that were all related to pi. I seriously work with the best team ever – they planned pretty much all of it and just sent me my list of tasks to do. Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute more when my kids are a little older and I don’t have to leave the building so quickly after I’m off. I got to decorate my classroom with some memes shared by my sister-in-law Kimbre (also a math teacher).

Speaking of Jay, he had a moment of fame this week. I was watching my favorite streamer while nursing Jace this week, and captured this moment.

That’s Jay (Ptah) playing with my favorite HOTs player, Grubby. I didn’t get to watch the whole game since I had to go pick up Jaylee from school. But it was fun to catch that little moment. This game has been such a life-saver for us. Jordan and I (and Jess, Bucky, Jay, our friend Floj) get to play this a couple evenings a week. Its a nice, free way for us all to hang out and play together even though we’re spread out among different houses (with sleeping babies) and different states. I don’t get to play very often right now, but one day my babies won’t need me quite so much and then I’ll be able to play as often as Jordan does. Assuming we’re still into the game. But that’s just part of life, I suppose.

And overall, life is pretty good right now. It generally doesn’t take much to make these babies happy.

Garbage trucks are a crowd pleaser

And Jace is growing up right before our eyes. It seems like he was just born, but he tried his first solid food this week (he wasn’t a fan).

Jax seems like such a big kid some days. And then other days, he looks like he’s still my little baby.

We sure are blessed.

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  1. Cameo Irons says:

    Love Love Love!!!!!!!! They are getting so grown up!

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