Spring Break!

Well, it’s been two weeks again. I guess I’m at a point where I’m writing bi-weekly these days. 🙂 That’s ok. Perfect isn’t exactly the standard around here.

Its been nice and warm spring weather for us. This means lots of time outside for the kiddos.


Jaxton in particular LOVES to be outside, and will happily play in the backyard by himself for quite a while. He enjoys making messes and digging in the dirt. Jaylee has been really into Moana, so she’s been enjoying wearing her dress, finding an oar (broken rake handle), and sailing beyond the reef on her table/boat.


Of course, Maui comes too sometimes.


We’ve also walked over to the elementary school playground once to play on their equipment. Jaylee enjoyed getting to play on parts of the playground that she usually doesn’t get to touch (because its for the “big kids”). She liked getting to show off her school and tell us all the rules of the playground. Of course, we broke most of them. But we discussed how rules are different when mommy and daddy are around, as opposed to the rules the teachers need to enforce.

This little guy turned 5 months old.


I don’t know why, but it just suddenly struck me that he really is getting bigger. Mind you, he’s still not sleeping through the night. Not even close! But he’s also had chest congestion for the last two weeks. Still, its hard to believe that he’s almost 6 months old. It feels like we JUST found out we were pregnant. Sometimes I still haven’t gotten used to the idea that we’re having a 3rd child, not to mention that he’s already here. But I love him so much, and can’t imagine life without him now. He’s my last baby, and I’m trying to soak him up as much as possible. Even in the middle of the night.

Jaylee is on spring break for two weeks (!). She LOVES school, so this is actually a negative for her. She has to go back to taking rest time (when she normally goes to school) while the boys and mom try to nap. She handles it ok, but she hasn’t needed to nap in almost 3 years. So she stays in her room and watches her iPad and plays with her toys. It works ok, but school is better, of course. We had her BFF Bella over to play once this week, and that was wonderful for her. Those girls play together so well. I wish we could have her over more often, but the school schedules don’t often allow for that. And next year, both girls will be in kindergarten!


Jax has been his usual crazy self. We got the final bills for his hand surgery to remove the piece of glass. All in all, we’ll be paying $1100 for that little accident. I’m sure that’s only the beginning of the crazy doctors bills that boy will gather during his childhood. He’s just a walking accident. But at least he’s an adorable one.

We did a couple fun things for Spring Break. We went to Little Monkey Business with my sister and my niece. That was a good time of running around and being crazy on (relatively) safe surfaces. We also enjoyed the art room, where Jaylee painted a mural of everyone holding the Heart of Te Fiti.

We also visited the natural history museum. Jax had a great time playing in the water, as usual. But this time he was particularly interested in this contraption that you build to direct the flow of the water. He would stick the pipes on and off and watch where the water went. I enjoyed seeing his brain work – learning in progress!


Jaylee always enjoys the programming they have for the toddler/preschool set. Leaders come and lead a quick 15 minute little program about some sort of science-y thing. This time around, they explored animal tracks around a pond and thought about the different ways that animals walk. Then in her second one of the day, they invented dances to match the seasons (fall, spring, etc). The museum used photos of the seasons from their diorama area, and Jaylee enjoyed identifying the seasons scenes when we came across them later.

They both enjoyed playing with the light-brite. And on the way out, we took our picture in the viking long boat. Jax declined to be in the picture, but baby Jace got to be in it! What’s funny is that the only way I could get Jaylee out of her Moana dress this day was to tell her we were going to the “dinosaur museum”. And as soon as we got home? She needed it back on. 🙂


I love that we have a museum membership there. Its so nice to be able to go for a couple hours and have some fun/learn some stuff. And since we can go anytime, we don’t feel like we have to get our “money’s worth” with every visit. It makes it nice and relaxed. If we don’t see something, we’ll just catch it next time. Thanks for the membership, grandma!


We also went to the Children’s Museum. One of the things they offer are various little classes/workshops for kids and their parents. A while back, I had received some marketing material about the various classes and saw that there was one all about ladybugs. Jaylee LOVES ladybugs (or ladybirds, as they’re called on Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom). So she and her daddy went to that today.

Denver / CO / United States - 4/1/17

They built a house for the ladybug, painted a mama rock for the ladybug, and got their very own ladybugs to bring home in their houses. Jaylee’s is named Rosie.

Jax was too young for the workshop, but we went and had fun while the class was in session. And afterwards, Jordan gave Jax his ladybug – Chrysanthemum. He was upset at first that he didn’t get to be in the class, but he got over it fairly quickly when he realized he got to be the boss of what exhibits we went to play at.

We also met Jessie, Bucky, and Jaina at the museum. They have a membership there as well, so we got to hang out with them for a little while. Jaina particularly liked to dance when I would make it rain. So it rained a lot. 🙂



This is another place where I am EXTREMELY THANKFUL that we have a membership. When we got there, there was a huge line of people waiting to pay for their admission. And we got to go through the “members-only” checkout, where they scanned my card and let us in. Its just so nice to have a free and totally awesome place to go play.

Denver / CO / United States - 4/1/17

The classes are a nice feature too, even though our kids are generally too young for them. But now that Jaylee is getting older, there’s a couple she’s the right age for. We’ll probably do another one sometime soon.


Baby Jace is such a trooper. He hangs out in the carrier and watches everything that’s going on until he falls asleep. I adore it when he sleeps in the carrier – its constant snuggles and kisses. He’s such a sweet, happy baby. Anytime I take him out to change his diaper or feed him or let him touch something, he takes the opportunity to smile at everyone around. And nobody can resist his wonderful smile. Its just the sweetest.

Spring break wraps up this weekend and its back to the normal grind. I really needed this break, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. 8 more weeks of school till summer break!



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