Happy Easter!

Monday at work, I asked one of my coworkers if he’d had a good Easter. He replied that he’d had a good weekend, but he was Jewish so he doesn’t celebrate Easter. I then said happy passover, and we had a nice sacrilegious discussion about peeps and the land of milk and honey and all that. It was funny.

But around here, we had a pretty good Easter.


It was this little guy’s first Easter. Which meant lots of photos, of course.


Though lots of photos is pretty much standard anyway.

So let’s see. We had 3 different egg hunt events. The first one was at our church. They have a fun spring/Easter festival every year in the morning, which works out well for our nap times.

They blow up bounce houses and have a bunch of different stations where you go to complete various activities. One of my favorites is the photo booth where you choose some props, take 4 photos, and they print you out a strip. This is the second year we’ve done it, and we laughed when we got home and compared our photos: Jordan chose the SAME hat this year as he did last year. Apparently his taste hasn’t changed.


We’ve gotten more involved with our church over the course of this year, so these events have gotten even more fun since we know more people. Our church does something pretty interesting too – the egg hunt is at your own pace. All the eggs are spread out in the field, but they’re all empty. So kids can go out and gather as many eggs as they want, and then they bring them back and trade in the empty eggs for the candy. Jaylee loves this, because she can collect as many eggs as she wants without competition.

Jax is a gather-and-open-immediately kind of kid. So he gathered a couple eggs, but since every one he opened was empty – he stopped gathering pretty quickly. He was plenty happy to trade in his eggs for candy though.

Even baby Jace “got” an egg. He’s getting pretty close to being able to sit on his own. He can do it physically, but doesn’t have the sense of balance to stay upright for very long. So photos like the one above are snapped pretty quickly. It won’t be long before he’s sitting on his own.

After the first Easter party, we came home and took quick rest periods. Then it was off to another Easter party at the church where Jordan and I met and were married (and where his dad still works). In some ways, it still feels like my home church since both of our families attended/were on staff there. But so much has changed since then, and we decided we wanted to attend closer to our home.

Anyway, its fun to go back.


We went to this one with my mom and my mother-in-law. Which was really helpful, since Jax fell asleep in the car.


Apparently the sugar crash combined with the relaxing car ride knocked him out. He woke up eventually and joined in the festivities. I’m actually really glad we were there – usually he’s a BEAR when he wakes up from a nap. But when you wake up to jumping castles and carnival games, your attitude gets adjusted pretty quickly.

The kids looked so cute in their matching egg-hunting outfits. Poor Jax’s pants were too big, so he was having a hard time with them falling down. But somehow, that didn’t stop him from grabbing lots of eggs during the hunt.

And these eggs weren’t empty, so he’s was totally into it. Even storing the suckers in his shirt pocket.

Jaylee listens to EVERYTHING that is going on. The pastor was telling jokes, one of which asked something along the lines of “Why was the Easter bunny sad? – Because he was having a bad HARE day”. Her look of concern was for the poor Easter bunny, because he was having a bad day. 🙂 She didn’t get the joke obviously, but it made me realize that she was actually listening to what was being said through the microphone – even though there was a lot of noise and other conversations going on. It was pretty cute.

Jace got an egg or two at this hunt as well. But mostly, he hung out on my mom’s hips and watched all the commotion with his huge brown eyes.

Its crazy to think that this time next year, he’ll be toddling out there with all the other babies to pick up eggs at a very leisurely pace. I don’t know – in some ways this season of babyhood has dragged by (like at night). But in other ways, I just can’t believe he’s already so close to sitting on his own. The old motherhood conundrum that matched my favorite saying about motherhood: The days are long, but the years are short.

After all that Easter fun, we walked to the park as a family and had some pizza in our nice egg hunt clothes. It was a good, but tiring day. All the kids fell asleep pretty much instantly that evening.


The actual day of Easter was fun too. The kids opened their Easter baskets and played with their new toys. Then we went to church in the morning, in our nice Easter clothes of course.

Centennial / CO / United States - 4/16/17

Then we came home and hung out as a family for a couple hours. We were still pretty wiped out from the day before, but that didn’t stop us from playing in the sand and trying out the new egg-shaped chalk (courtesy of Aunt Chelsea).

Then we headed over to my parents’ house for our usual Sunday family time. But this time, with bonus Easter activities. Like egg painting.

And ANOTHER egg hunt.


And MORE egg coloring.

I do love these wonderful family times. The kids love playing with their cousin, Jaina. And I enjoy having all the reinforcements to help keep the kids happy. We’re lucky enough to be related to some pretty cool people.


When Jordan and I were first married, we wanted to make a couple of our own traditions. One of the ones we started was to ditch the traditional Easter ham, and do a nice cajun crab boil instead. When we moved back to Colorado, my mom started to do the crab boil Easter dinner too. Its fun to all gather around the table and dig into a huge pile of shrimp, crab, corn, sausage, and those lonely forgotten potatoes.


Especially when my dad gets out his drone to function as the selfie stick for the family portrait, and everybody has to stare into the sun to take a photo.


Overall, it was a gorgeous and wonderful weekend. We had a ton of fun, and we’ve got enough candy to last us for a couple weeks (as long as it stays hidden).

So what else has been going on lately. Lets see – Jaylee’s BFF had a unicorn-themed birthday party.


And there were even real-live unicorns to ride! Both of the kids got to take two rides up and down the block – giggling the whole time. The party was a blast overall.

And funny story – we didn’t put a card in our present and had to leave before presents were opened. But apparently Jaylee had already told her BFF what we’d bought for her birthday. And when the gift was opened, Bella knew EXACTLY who it was from despite the lack of card. Her mom texted me to say thanks, and I laughed. Even though we’d discussed it, Jaylee still gave away the surprise because she was just too excited to tell her friend about the cool Moana legos.


Both Jaylee and Jax got haircuts – the first professional one for Jax. I’ve cut his hair myself, but I only know how to buzz it with the razor. I didn’t want it cut that short this time, so we went to a professional.


Other than that, life has resumed a relatively normal pace here after the luxury of spring break ended.


We went a visited an old house in our area from the 1820’s that used to serve as a boarding house, a ranch, and a farm. Its been on my mind a lot – how lonely it would’ve been back then with no one else around for at least 17 miles.

Jace got to wear one of his daddy’s old outfits, which was SUPER cute. Crazy to think this little outfit is 30 years old. He looks super stylish, like my little sailor boy.


He’s also reached the age of sink baths and pureed foods. He spent a long time not be interested in food – but has recently decided that it seems to be a good deal. So he gets to try pretty much anything we are eating (mashed up, of course). Of the baby-food lot, carrots and sweet potatoes seem to be his favorites so far. And of course, all these foods mean that sink baths are a necessity.

Its a pretty good season of life right now.


And soon, it’ll be summer! Only 26 days of School left for me! And something like that for Jaylee. I’m looking forward to a more relaxed pace, though definitely not the HOT weather. Spring has been just lovely.

Until next time. I hope everyone had a happy Easter (or passover or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate). 🙂



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