April… snow?!?!?

So here it is, the 29th of April.

And outside, it is snowing.


We haven’t gotten a lot snow this winter. But now that its firmly spring and we’ve been enjoying the warm weather… NOW it decides to snow. We’ve been cooped up in the house most of the day (aside from a jaunt to the grocery store), which is never fun with toddlers who like to go places and do things. Jordan took the kids outside to make snow angels for a while, which they really enjoyed.

But it just doesn’t seem right to be looking through the last two weeks of photos on my phone and see all this nice weather when outside we’ve got about 8 inches!

Most of our days have looked more like this:


Empty garden beds ONLY because we KNEW we’d get a snow curve ball sooner or later. Seems to always happen. Maybe this time, we won’t have one on Mother’s Day that ruins all the tomatoes that I plan to plant (in the currently empty flower beds).


Jaylee insisted I take the above picture.

This little guy turned 6 months this last Thursday:

Aurora / CO / United States - 4/27/17

Its hard to believe he’s already been here half a year. Though I can’t imagine life without him. Its also strange since we didn’t know we were having a boy. But now that I get to dress him in all of Jax’s old outfits (like the one above), I can’t imagine anything else!


Jaylee and Jace have a special relationship – she loves him and he adores her. In fact, he thinks both of his siblings are pretty funny, but Jaylee will ham it up specifically for him. Jax is less interested in being the entertainment, though he loves his baby brother in his own special way.


Jace has been the worst sleeper of all my babies. Maybe that’s because he doesn’t get a “normal” nap schedule, since he gets dragged around to the various family activities. But its also about the time that we sleep trained both Jaylee and Jax. I probably need to do it with him as well, but I need to wait until school is out so I can commit to getting him his proper nap times. In the meantime, this is what he looks like at 10pm.


This definitely contributes to my feeling of exhaustion. I brought him into bed with Jordan and I last night, and I felt so wonderful because he slept for 4 straight hours (which meant that I also slept for 4 straight hours). Of course, I woke up sore from sleeping uncomfortably. But it was a really long stretch of sleep for me. It makes these days really hard – getting no sleep. I work from kid-up to way past kid-down with no real breaks (except for SOMETIMES, when I get to use the restroom alone). Teaching is 100% on all of the time, and so is mothering. Not to mention cooking, cleaning, keeping the budget, fighting the laundry, washing diapers… If I blow off all of my responsibilities, then I can be “done” at 8:30pm. If not, then its more like 9:30pm. I just don’t really get any rest, and its not real great for my mental health.


I know this is just a season, and there are some wonderful parts to it. This evening, I took a 20 minute break from the housework and sat on the floor to play marbles with Jax and Jace. It was so nice. I want more time like that, and less time like the 2 hours I spent today doing laundry.


But its not really like I can blow off the housework (or grading papers or emails or cooking/planning or budgeted or etc etc) – it doesn’t disappear. It just piles up and hangs over my head like a dark cloud. I’m hopeful that this summer will be better, because the teaching work will decrease significantly (though not totally disappear – we’re getting new math curriculum next year). Maybe THEN I’ll figure out how to balance all of this.


For now, I’m doing the best that I can. Like bringing all three of them into Jace’s room with me while I hang up his clean clothes.


I took this picture because it struck me that all three of my babies have slept in this crib, even though those older two dwarf the bed now. And there’s only a 4 year difference between the biggest one and the smallest one. These times really do go fast, and I want to be able to savor the sweet moments. Instead, I just feel like a Debbie Downer right now.


Jaylee and Jax are in a 6-week running series. This past week was the first one.


Jax was kinda in a mood, and seemed really overwhelmed by all the kids and adults around. And since he raced first, he didn’t get to see Jaylee do it. So he was whiny until the horn went off and all the little boys took off. He ran with the pack for about 5 seconds until he realized I wasn’t running behind him. When he saw that, he stopped immediately and started crying. I ran up to him and tried to encourage him to keep going, but he wasn’t having it. Jordan came and helped him run the rest of the way, but Jax was crying for the next 20 minutes or so.


Until he got his post-race banana, anyway.

Jaylee feeds off of other kids’ emotions. So she was unhappy at the start, but did well during the race. But then when she was in line at the end so they could grab her tag number, she started crying again because “Jax is so sad” (even though he wasn’t around).

They go for week 2 of the series tomorrow (assuming the snow has melted from the field). So hopefully this second round will be a better experience. If Jax hadn’t gotten overwhelmed, I think they would’ve had a fun time. I guess time will tell. Either way, I’m proud of Jax for finishing the race, and of Jaylee for running so well.

Till next time!


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