What. A. Day.

Phew! Its been quite the day around here!

But first, lets play catchup. Life has been chugging along as usual. There’s only 3 week of school left (THANK GOD!). I’m ready for the summer break. One evening when we weren’t able to make it to the gym, we took the kids up to my school where we have a plot in the community garden. We played in the dirt and planted our seeds. The water wasn’t turned on just yet, and the seed packets we were using are about 3 years old. So we’ll see if anything comes up. It was mostly to work the ground and kill an evening hour anyway.


Jordan has gotten really into 3D printing – he’s got two printers running in our basement pretty much 24/7. This worked out well for me though, because my department at work decided to purchase two printers to use with our students. So Jordan was able to snag the deal, come in and train us, and troubleshoot when things go wrong. Its been a great experience so far. I’m pretty excited to upgrade my math manipulatives – particularly the sets of paper cones and cylinders I use every year to explore the relationship between the volume of cones and their related cylinders. Its gonna be awesome.

Jaylee has got a couple weeks of school left. She’s learned so much this year – its really amazing. Kindergarten for her next year! In another year (2018-2019), it’ll be Jax’s turn for preschool. Its crazy to think we’re at the school stage already.


Aurora / CO / United States - 5/3/17

The kids spend 2 days a week with their Grams and Popsi as our “day care” while I work, and 3 days with my mom and sister. This has worked out really well on our end because they get to play with all their favorite people, including their cousin Jaina. But this last Friday when they were with Jordan’s parents, it seems like the idyllic childhood day. The weather was beautiful so they played outside climbing trees


…and swimming…


…and playing in the sandbox.


I love that we live so close to family. I NEVER have to worry about my kids when I’m at work – I know they’re being loved and cared for by people who love them. And dirty, messy, outside days are the things childhood memories are made of.

Which leads me to today – that’s exactly the kind of day we had today.

Let’s start with this: Grant is in town! Grant was Jordan’s college roommate, and one of his closest friends. He was in our wedding, and we spent a lot of time hanging out with him when we were just newly married kids in Marshall, Texas. He and Jordan have a tight bond, though I consider him my friend as well.

Since he’s in town, I knew Jordan would appreciate a block of time where the two of them could do man-things (like play board games) without having all the responsibilities of parenthood. Luckily, the children’s museum also scheduled a “members-only” morning for the Saturday that Grant would be here. I try to always go to those, as they open the museum 2 hours early and its generally MUCH less crowded than usual.

So this morning, I packed the three of them up and we headed to the museum for some play time (and to give daddy some man-time).


The museum was AWESOME. May is when most of the attractions in Colorado switch over to their summer stuff – which means they turned the water on at the little river in the outside section of the museum.


The water section is one of my kids’ favorites. There’s a little 2-inch deep river which flash floods every couple of minutes. And there’s a big rock section with waterfalls and all kinds of fun toys. Jaylee enjoys scampering all over the rocks like a mountain goat.


…while Jax enjoys continually filling up his watering can and dumping it out (either down the drain or back into the pool). This was the first time Jace has been to the outside section of the museum when the water’s been on, so he mostly just enjoyed watching. Though I did put his teeny little toes into the water a couple times.


I’ve said it before, but these memberships are awesome. We love coming here, especially when its not so crowded (on members-only mornings). And with the outdoor area being completely open and running again, it means the inside of the museum is also under less pressure to hold all. the. people.



Jace is SO CLOSE to being able to sit. He enjoys getting to try, even if I arrange all kids of pillows (made to look like granite) around him to keep him safe.


He also really enjoys playing with his siblings. And they often oblige him.


After we left the museum, we headed up to Lair o the Bear park in Morrisson to meet Jordan and Grant for a little family hike. The kids and I went up here last summer, and it was awesome. So I thought Grant might enjoy getting to see a little bit of the “mountains” without having to drive 3 hours. He is from Texas after all – they’re easily impressed with the foothills.


So they met us up there (where there is no cell signal), and we ate a picnic lunch of fried chicken. Jaylee was generally refusing to eat – she was in a MOOD. But Grant convinced her to at least eat her roll so that she could try one of his candy worms. Which actually worked – shocking me!


The kids were pretty worn out from our morning, so we didn’t really get to hike. But we made it a little way up the trail to where there’s a little beach with access to the river. Jordan taught Jax about the joys and strategies of throwing rocks into a river.

While Jaylee spent most of her time climbing this epic tree, with the help of Grant.


We all had to get in on the tree climbing fun though. This tree is the thing childhood dreams are made of.

Morrison / CO / United States - 5/6/17

Morrison / CO / United States - 5/6/17

And then, all three kids fell asleep in the car on the way home. In fact, I left the car idling in the driveway for a little while so they could sleep a little longer. We had a birthday part to go to this evening, so I wanted them to be somewhat rested after all the activities today.


I’ve got no photos from the birthday party, but it was just a typical kids birthday party at monkey business. So the kids had a blast, while Jordan got to stay home with Grant and start their weekly board game night several hours early.

After the party, the kids all had to take a bath (seriously – it looked like Jax had gotten a sweet tan in just one day). But though it was exhausting, we had a lot of fun. There were definitely poor attitudes at times, but that’s to be expected with such an action packed schedule.

I love getting to do these family things – my favorite childhood memories involve things like this. So I’m happy to be able to provide some of the same things for my kids. I kinda like them. 🙂


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