Summer Eve

It’s summer eve today – the day before the last day of school. Both Jaylee and I are done with school tomorrow. So its a beautiful time of year – this is one of my favorite transitions.


Having a school teacher for a mom means you get to play with all the extra “highly scientific math” dough after her class has used it. 🙂

I love the cyclical nature of being a school teacher. Though its a lot of work (and HARD work), the seasons are always changing. I’m ready for the slow-down and relaxing pace of summer break. Fun is the only thing on the menu, though learning always comes along with that. The kids are enrolled in swim lessons, gymnastics classes, and a music class. Plus we’ll have trips to the museum, mom’s school garden plot, hiking, the library, etc. Its different from “school learning”, but its equally important. And I’m looking forward to it – especially the more-relaxed pace of it.


My district is adopting a new math curriculum next year, and I’m excited to get to teach something a little bit different. I go to pick up my iPad tomorrow and get to start diving into the curriculum over the summer. In an unexpected twist, I will actually get paid to do this work! So that’s nice – especially since its work I’d planned on doing for free. So even though its “summer break”, any teacher will tell you that teaching work still continues. Just in between pool trips and vacations.


The family merry-go-round

We have a little vacation celebration coming up – we’re going to a new family hotel chain that just opened up in our area to celebrate Jaylee and Jaxton’s birthdays. I’m really looking forward to that little piece of family fun time. And its a fun way to celebrate our soon-to-be 5 year old and 3 year old.


Jaylee is also getting her own birthday party this year (Jax will probably get his first “individual” birthday party next year). She’s having a gymnastics party at our gym, and we’ve invited a handful of her friends. It should be a total blast – she’s definitely looking forward to it. Plus she designed the birthday invitation herself, so its just a great picture of almost-5-year-old glory. And it features all of her favorite things: legos, Moana, Frozen, a pink/gold background, and a dinosaur. Its a riot.


For her birthday, Jaylee is getting a table for her legos. We actually repurposed a table we already had by gluing down some lego tiles. And Jordan is going to print little storage containers on his 3D printer to hold the little pieces. We’ve already set it up (temporarily) in the living room, and its gotten a lot of play so far.


No word on what Jax is getting for his birthday (besides the family vacation, that is).

Let’s see – what else has been going on around here? I took a day off a couple weeks back to take Jaylee on her school field trip to the butterfly pavilion. That was fun.


Jax’s favorite part was getting to see the inside of the REAL bee hive. He could’ve stood there for hours. Both of my kids held Rosie the tarantula. Let’s just say they’re both much braver than I am.


I’m trying hard NOT to pass on my fear of spiders to my kids. So I was proud of them for holding the tarantula. Though when the gentleman helping them let go of Jax’s hand (once Rosie had exited), he pulled his hand back immediately with a cute little squeak. It was funny, and everyone around said it was super cute.


Jaylee and I went to her kindergarten registration meeting to hear information about next year. Its crazy to me that she’s already going to be in kindergarten. Wasn’t she just born?


But at the same time, she is 100% ready for it. She loves her preschool and loves to learn. She also LOVES to be around other kids her age and get to play/learn with them. And I’m so proud of the reports I get from the teachers about her – she is kind to other kids and helpful whenever she can be. Hopefully she will never lose that sweet nature.


Jace is growing like a weed. He doesn’t sleep at night, but he’s super sweet the rest of the day. My father-in-law shared a photo of himself as a baby, and all I could see was my sweet baby Jace’s face. I put a side-by-side comparison together for him.


He’s started to dapple in solid food. He’s not usually interested in it from he (unless he can grab a hold of what I’m eating). The only thing he’ll consistently accept is ice cream. But other people have had luck getting him to eat the baby foods. He still gags on anything too-solid (like a little piece of salmon).


Chicken legs are fun to taste though!

Aurora / CO / United States - 5/23/17

The entourage greeting Jace after his nap

Jax also continues to transform into a super fun little boy. He just never stops talking when we’re alone together. And its fun to listen to him play and talk to his sister and his cousin. He asks lots of questions and offers lots of suggestions on the next activity/snack/etc. And he’s fearless.



“I touch the nemos!”

Mother’s Day weekend was a bit rough around here, because Jordan went out to town to visit his grandpa and grandma in Oklahoma. Normally we’d go as a family, but circumstances required that this trip happen sooner rather than later. So he went down to see them while the kids and I stayed here for a weekend. Even though we have tons of family support around here, it was still a bit challenging to be so exhausted on Mother’s Day. But oh well. I guess I can catch up on sleep when I’m…. retired?


Speaking of tired, Jaylee decided to get up at 3am randomly the night before last. There was no getting her back to sleep, so we just gave her her iPad and had her stay in her room watching shows until a normal wake-up time. This was the result at 3:30pm yesterday:


She still looks like my beautiful little baby in that photo.

After about an hour, Jordan carried her up to her room and she slept there until 3am this morning. Hopefully we can get her back on a normal sleep-wake schedule tonight. She can’t take another couch nap – we have gymnastics today!


So happy summer-eve to everyone! I’m SO ready for this next season. 🙂

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