Warm Days and Late Bedtimes

Woo hooo! Its summer!!!


Also, I had a birthday. I’m now the ripe old age of 32.

I’m not big into my birthday, which bothers my family members. But I do LOVE hanging out with all of them. So my mother-in-law throws me a birthday party every year at her house where we eat dinner and cook smores and burn stuff in the fire pit. No cake, no song. Its absolutely perfect for me. I love it every year.

Aurora / CO / United States - 5/27/17


The next day were our bi-annual family photos. You know, spring photos. haha.

We got some REALLY good ones, but I kinda want to make that its own post. I adore the Irons family though, and I love this time. Plus – we all chose the colors blue and yellow. Great minds think alike!


On Memorial Day, I went and ran the Bolder Boulder with my mom and sister and 100,000 of our closest friends.

Boulder / CO / United States - 5/29/17

It was a fun race. I’d been “training”, and I was happy with how I did. Only 2 minutes slower than when I ran it two years ago. And I’ve had a baby since then. But you see that storm in the background in the above picture? Yea, that moved through on our bus ride home. The bus ride where the driver didn’t know where to go. And had to stop to go to the bathroom twice…..

Boulder / CO / United States - 5/29/17

It was a rough ride home. But at least the race was fun!


This little guy turned 7 months. And we did sleep training. It only took him a day (3 days max) and he figured it out. Now he’s sleeping fully through the night and taking nice long naps. PRAISE JESUS.


So we’re fully into the summer swing around here. We head to all the parks and splash pads and host all the play dates.


The kids finished their running race series today. It was a series of 5? little races for kids. I think they both cried the whole time through the first race, but Jaylee caught on quickly. And by the last week, they were both running the race completely independently – though Jax just kinda shuffled his way through while clutching his hands to his chest. Jaylee was really having a good time by the end of it.

And they both like the medals.

Aurora / CO / United States - 6/4/17

This past Saturday, we met some old high school friends of mine at Chuck E. Cheese. The kids had a BLAST playing all the games, and it was nice to get to see my old friends and their kiddos. They have a daughter that’s exactly one year younger than Jaylee, and they play together so well. I foresee many future playdates this summer.

Jax and I are taking a parent-and-tot music class at the gym. The first one was this past week. He was a little hangry when we went, but he warmed up by the end of it and was having fun. It lasts for 6 weeks, and its nice to have a special thing to do with my middle child. Plus its his first activity, and I’m glad to get his feet wet before he starts gymnastics in a couple weeks (especially since we’ve already paid for it).

Life is good around here.



And its birthday season! Tomorrow is Jax’s birthday, and Jaylee’s birthday is on Wednesday. We leave tomorrow for our family vacation celebration! The kids’ family party is on Saturday, and Jaylee’s gymnastics birthday party is this coming Sunday. Its gonna be an awesome week full of partying. I can’t wait!


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