Family Vacation and Birthday Week

So its been a whirlwind of an early June!

We started by taking a family vacation to the new Great Wolf Lodge that opened up in Colorado Springs.

We planned the trip as a family vacation/birthday present for the kids. We arrived on the day that Jax turned 3 and left on the day that Jaylee turned 5. And it was, by far, the most relaxing family vacation we’ve ever had. All our other vacations involved traveling long distances to stay with family. But this one was much closer to home, and just our little crew.


The resort was awesome. They have an awesome pool area that has tons of stuff for kids, even the little ones. So we spent a good portion of every day just playing at the pool on all the water slides, sprinklers, and wave pool.

And then when we needed a break from the pool, they had a lot of fun little activities for a family to do together. Like “panning” for gold.

And build-a-bear.

And little-kid bowling.

They even had a cute little spa where Jaylee got a little pampering session with some of her birthday money.

The kids got money from our grandparents for their birthday, and they were able to use that to do some of the extra activities. We saved for this vacation, and we stayed within our budget for food and activities. It was definitely not “cheap”, but so totally worth it.

When I booked the reservation, I told them that the kids were each celebrating their birthday. So they got cool birthday ears (that Jax refused to wear). Whenever an employee say them wearing their ears, they’d say Happy Birthday – something Jaylee absolutely soaked up.

Colorado Springs / CO / United States - 6/7/17

It was such a wonderful relaxing vacation. 4 out of the 5 family members took a nap mid-day on the second day. We never left the resort, though Jordan did get to go see a movie the first night while I stayed and relaxed in Fort Sleep with our kiddos.

I think we’ll definitely be going back (after a while, when we can save up the money). We’re currently going to focus on saving money for our family beach vacation in North Carolina next year. But if we’re able to meet those goals early, maybe we can squeeze in another trip here. It was so close and so fun. 2 nights was a perfect amount of time to be able to get away and enjoy each other.

After we came home, we also had a family BBQ birthday celebration and Jaylee’s gymnastics birthday party with her friends.


We had her birthday party at our rec center where she takes gymnastics classes. It was a perfect little snapshot of all the important friends in her life: her BFF from my moms group, her BFF from church, her “betrothed” (mom and dad’s friends), her BFF from preschool, and her in-state cousin. Plus all of the afore-mentioned’s younger siblings. There was only one little girl who couldn’t make it. Other than that, all her favorite little people were there.


They played gymnastics games with her gymnastics teachers for about an hour.

I missed most of this because I had an important date who needed some lunch sooner rather than later.


And then after the games, they came back into the room and had pizza, ice cream, and opened presents. I LOVED throwing the birthday party this way – it was affordable (especially looking at other places!!) and the gym did all the work, including providing paper goods, the ice cream cake, and the space. We just bought pizza and goody bags. I didn’t even have to clean my house! And the kids (and hopefully adults) all had a great time! Mark this one down as one of the easiest birthday parties of all time.


Back at home, we’ve settled into a wonderful summer frame of mind. The kids have been playing with all the new toys they got for their birthdays.

Including some giant inflatable toys – like a big water slide and a pool/ball pit.

I mean, isn’t this just the picture of an awesome summer?

Aurora / CO / United States - 6/11/17

The kids have also started swim lessons at a rec center up north. I wasn’t sure about them since Jax was just barely at the cutoff age of 3. But we’ve gone every day this week (and every day next week), and he’s already made remarkable growth after the third day.

Jaylee does really well – she knows how to learn in a class thanks to preschool. But Jax is still young. No big deal, he’s getting better. And I just want to make sure they’re safe in the water. I really like the program – its the same guppy/starfish/minnow program that I took when I was a kid at the local YMCA. And that gave me enough skills to letter in swimming during high school.


Though its been a whirlwind couple of weeks, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the summer (though it’d be awesome if the AC wouldn’t ever break again, thankyouverymuch).


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