I. Love. Summer.

Ok, the summer heat not so much. But the laid back easy-going schedule and cool evening activities? I LOVE them.



The no lesson planning or grading thing is pretty nice too. Which is ironic, because I am actually doing some of that. But there’s not the time pressure to get it done like during the school year. The relaxing pace of this season is just wonderful.

Don’t get me wrong, I melt in the heat. I had a legitimate melt down at 8pm one night when the A/C wasn’t working and I couldn’t get my baby to sleep in his boiling hot room. It was an adult tantrum for the ages. My poor husband.


But if you use “season” to refer to our current rhythms of life – I love it! It nice to be able to send out the group text to see if anyone wants to go swimming in the evening, and have most of your family show up. Its nice to take the kids to meet their cousin at the park after dinner.

I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job of relaxing and going with the slower pace – not planning lots of cleaning to do while my kids have to entertain themselves. Instead, I make it a point to try to sit down and do fun, special things with them.

We do actually have a daily commitment to swim lessons at a local rec center. But this is perfect for me because it gives us something to do at a set time every day. And the kids are learning SO MUCH.

Jaylee and Jax were in the same class for two weeks, and they made such great growth that I signed them up for another two week class. And the teacher recommended Jaylee move up a level. Both kids have gotten so much more comfortable and safe in the water. Its been a great experience! Plus its the same program that I learned through YEARS ago at the YMCA, and I was able to go from the “shark” level into varsity swimming in high school. So you could say I’m highly confident that its a great program for learning how to swim.


Baby Jace and I just sit and chill for an hour while the kids learn. After swim lessons are over, its almost noon – time to go home, have lunch, and take a rest. Its great timing for an activity every day – not so early that you have to rush to get there, not so late that you mess up nap time.


Jordan and I have been working out and eating healthier in an effort to lose weight. Its hard work to control your eating! But we’ve both started to lose weight and feel like our clothes are getting looser. Hopefully we’ll be nice and trim in time for next year’s beach vacation. The kids should be great swimmers by then!


At the theater to see Cars 3

We’ve done a couple big activities recently. This past Saturday, Jaylee and I went to a princess tea party put on by a party-booking company at our local rec center. It. was. a. blast.


It was a 2 hour tea party with dancing, singing, decorating cupcakes, a story time, a coronation ceremony, and plenty of pictures with princesses. It was the darn cutest thing I’ve ever seen – Jaylee was in heaven.

She was so excited to meet all her favorite princesses (and make sure Moana knew the heart of Te’Fiti was inside her necklace).


The princesses were so kind and wonderful with the little girls (and boy!). I was massively impressed. I would totally hire them for a birthday party, if we didn’t just get finished throwing one of those. 😀

I teared up a couple times – it was so magical. THIS is what people dream about when they find out they’re having a little girl. And it was everything I hoped it would be.


But no perfect day is complete without a complete disaster to follow it up, right? I give you: the Unicorn Festival.

This event had such promise, but they just plain sold too many tickets. I won’t go into the details of all the bad. The good things were: Jordan and I stayed calm – which is especially notable because he hates crowds and waiting in endless lines, which pretty much sums up this event.

Another good: the kids were oblivious to the complete madness. They were happy to play on a (free) playground and enjoy the beautiful Colorado day.

And the best part of the day was that baby Jace fell asleep in the carrier, which he never does anymore.

Littleton / CO / United States - 6/25/17

We’re getting our money back, so at least there’s that. But this is definitely one of those events that will go down in the family joke book – hey! at least its not as bad as the Unicorn Festival! 🙂

I can’t believe its already the end of June. I need this laid-back lifestyle to continue for a couple more years! Not one more month. 😦


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