Family, Fun, and the Fourth

Well, its been two (three?) weeks again. I guess that happens sometimes, right?


Sleeping butt-up

We’ve had several fun family trips over the last couple of weeks. We went to the Children’s Museum one morning.

This was the first time we’ve gone since Jace has been sitting up and “scooting” (trying to move, mostly unsuccessfully). So it was fun to get to put him down and let him play a bit.


We had a couple good friends (and all their children) over to our house for a BBQ the week before the fourth. We all originally met at church, and ended up all having our children around the same time. So its fun to get together with them and watch how the kids have grown since we first met 6 (!) years ago.

Plus we did fireworks and glitter tattoos, which are always a big hit with the preschool crowd.

I drove down south a ways to meet up with some old friends from MIDDLE school! I hadn’t seen them, or met many of their spouses/children, in MANY years. So it was awesome to get to catch up and see everyone. It’s been 19 years since we’d really hung out as a group. I can’t believe its been that long.


For Jax, the biggest event of the last two weeks is that we received two new rolling trash bins.


He spends many mornings out inspecting them, lifting their lids, and asking me to take his picture with them.


We think this looks like a senior photo – but with a trash can. He ASKED me to take this photo.

We’ve been up to our garden plot at my school a couple times. The kids enjoy getting to water the plants and harvest the peas. Jaylee even helps clean them up at home! Though they both hate “aphids” (any garden bugs). So they need to be clearly inspected before the kids will really touch the harvest.


The kids finished up their swim lessons, and they’ve really grown a lot on their skills in the water. We will probably do swim lessons again next summer. They had a blast and learned a lot. But we’re taking the last two weeks of the summer off so we can do other fun activities.

Like play dates. And legos.

Chillin on lazy mornings. And stroller naps.

These are all essential summer activities.

Jaylee was asking to start music classes (mostly because we temporarily had Jax enrolled in a mommy-and-me class). But rather than put her in a preschool intro-to-music class, we just found her a piano teacher. So she’s been learning to play the piano, practicing her music every day.


Really, I am totally capable and skilled enough to teach her piano myself. But she doesn’t want to learn from me. So she goes to her lesson with her teacher once a week, and has private tutoring (where I help her with her practice) every day. Its been good so far. She’s enjoying it.

The fourth of July is always a big holiday for our family. We start the day with the neighborhood parade at my in-laws house.

And then later in the day, our whole extended family gets together and has a BBQ before we go watch fireworks.

This year, we also got to do some fireworks in the front yard. It was the kids’ first time to play with sparklers. They were a little nervous, but got more comfortable as time went on.

My sister was also there with her camera, and she captured some beauties of my babies and hers.

And as the sun started to go down, we headed over to watch the city fireworks. But since it had already been a full day, Jax fell asleep during the car ride over.

Aurora / CO / United States - 7/4/17

And he remained asleep through the first 20 minutes of a 30 minutes professional fireworks show. You could feel the booms in your heart, but that didn’t bother my sleeping prince. When he did eventually wake up, he laid with his daddy to watch the rest of the show.


The rest of the family enjoyed the show as well. Baby Jace did pretty well for his first fourth of July! (and being up 3 hours past his bed time)

It was a great fourth of July. Unfortunately, it fell right after Jordan and I had started to get serious about losing weight. So we didn’t get to indulge as much as I would have liked to. But we’ve started to see some progress on that front, so its encouraging.

We’ve made some simple changes, like planning low-calorie dinners and making mason jar salads to eat on weekdays. Its not exciting, but hopefully they are sustainable changes that will help us lose the weight and keep it off. Our grocery bills have gone up though – eating healthy is much more expensive than eating unhealthy.

And the last of our shenanigans since my last post was a trip to the aquarium. We have a membership there which we got for Christmas (thanks Chelsea!), and it came with some free passes so we can go with friends. So this past Friday, when our plans fell through, I texted my friend Cameo to see if she and her family wanted to join us (since I knew they generally had Fridays off from work). They were available, so off we went!

14 08

It was really fun to get to go with friends. I enjoy looking at fish ALWAYS. But its even more fun with company.

Plus, these are the friends we get together with to take biannual family photos. They’re both really good photographers, so unlike my other trips out with the kids, I have a bunch of photos from this one! And I’m actually in some of them!

We were able to catch the aquarium mermaid show while we were there, which was fun. Jaylee was so excited, she couldn’t unclench her fists!

We had a total blast. Except that the pattern continued: by the time we get to the shark exhibit, Jax ALWAYS loses his mind from hunger. And this time was no exception. We had to skip that part and go to the snack shack, where he wanted “nothing”. Once I talked him into eating something, he went back to his normal (mostly) happy self. I wish we could carry snacks in there, but his hangry self just can’t be appeased.


Oh well. It was great fun anyway.

Two-ish more weeks of summer left! How has it gone so fast?


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