The End of Summer

Well, not summer the season. But summer break for me.

And its been a great summer break. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve made use of all of our museum memberships. We went to the Children’s Museum.

Baby Jace finally made a piece of art to hang on his hanger downstairs. The other two kids have had art on theirs for a while, but it took a bit longer for baby Jace.


Our membership expired at the end of July, and we’re definitely going to renew. But we’re going to wait for Christmas, as that seems like a good Christmas present for the family. And honestly, its unlikely we’ll have much chance to go back before then (especially since we have the other memberships too).

But we still love this place. We’ve been members for 3 years straight.

It reminds me of a place my parents used to take us when we were kids in Enid, Oklahoma – called Leonardo’s. Some of my best memories are from that place. And I hope to be able to give that gift to my children too.

Its nice to have such a high quality children’s museum so close to home.

And this last time, we decided to ride the trolley as well. Of course, Jax ADORED this. That child LOVES trains. He talked about riding the “yellow trolley” for days (which is a long time for a 3 year old).  He even found a video of the trolley on his iPad so that he could watch it during “rest” time.

We also took a trip to the natural history museum – and we even packed a “picnic” to eat with cousin Jaina while we were there.

This kids had fun during a world drumming program that we happened to catch. They have such high quality programming for kids – we learn something new every time.

And, of course, we spend a lot of time just learning through play. That’s my favorite part.

And of course, we went back to the aquarium. This time with Jordan.

When Jordan gets to come, we get to do more fun things. Like take scary pictures.

And see the 4D movie.

And its easier when just one of us gets to isolate the kid who is melting down and help them get into a better attitude.


The aquarium is really so much fun. I could go every week. I just LOVE to look at the fish (though I didn’t get to do too much of that on this last venture).

We had a handful of playdates these last couple of weeks as well. The kids had fun painting little airplanes at Bella and Jax’s house.

It was interesting because (my) Jax actually had more fun on this playdate than Jaylee did – even though it was her bff’s house. The girls didn’t really get along that well. But all the 3 year old boys had a blast playing in the clubhouse. Its fun to see Jax making friends as well. Typically, he just follows Jaylee.


One of the hardest events of the summer (for me) was when Jordan had to travel for work. It was 3 days of just the kids and I. What’s ironic is that EVERYONE ELSE IN MY FAMILY was also traveling. So since I knew this was going to be a challenging time, I tried to schedule some fun activities to do with the kids. We started by going to a splash pad with our good friends, the Iron’s.

I packed us a picnic, because everything is more fun with food.


But the kids were more into the playground than the splash pad. Jaylee was the only one who really truly got soaking wet. Jax and Jace were not into the water AT ALL.

It was good fun, nonetheless.

The second day Jordan was gone, we went to a local park that has a petting zoo, little river, and fun little train to ride. Thankfully, this day was much cooler on the weather front.

And again, picnics make everything more fun.


Though there was plenty of fun to be had anyway. The “petting zoo” must be magical for children, because it was kinda depressing as an adult. I felt bad for those animals, but the kids seemed to have a good time.

We also played in the little creek for a while. The water was very cold, so the kids didn’t really want to get in very much.

But the real show-stopper was the train. We rode it twice, it was such a hit.

We’ve been to this park before, but it was two years ago. It was fun to get to visit again with kids who were a little older and more excited about the various things to do.

On the last day of Jordan’s work trip, we went to monkey business and played. This is a perfect place to go when you’re sick of the heat and sunscreen, but still need the kids to run off some serious energy.

Plus I had a coupon off admission, and a coupon for a free drink. So those help as well.

At the end of the third day, we headed to the airport to pick up Jordan. The stars aligned so that we were right on time. Which of course meant that his flight was delayed about 30 minutes due to bad weather.

So we hung out in the airport.

Hanging out in the airport after bedtime with three babies is not a ton of fun. Thankfully, there is an outdoor area where we could go and look at the cool public art (and be as loud as we wanted without bothering anyone).

It was SO GOOD to have Jordan home. We all really missed him.


I’m glad that he doesn’t often travel for work. Life is not the same without my love, and the kids missed him. Baby Jace couldn’t stop smiling at him in the airport. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Life around here continues as usual.

As the summer draws to a close, I’ve been trying to be more intentional with my time. Trying to say “yes” more often when the kids ask to play trains or play zombies or play in the front yard or make a ridiculous cake.

Jaylee starts kindergarten this fall, which feels wonderful and weird all at the same time. We don’t have many days left of lazy, carefree seasons where the only schedule is the one we make ourselves.

And while I’m not the kind of mom who tracks screen time, I do want to make sure my kids are getting a variety of childhood experiences. As messy and wonderful (and sometimes boring) as that may be.

Baby Jace is growing so quickly. He wants so badly to be able to crawl. He lunges forward to reach for things, but he can’t figure out how to work his legs into a forward motion.

He babbles constantly, and has a special laser beam gaze for me. If I’m in the room, then CLEARLY I need to be holding him. I don’t usually mind. 🙂

He turned 9 months old. But 9 month old photo shoots look different when you’re the third child.

Jax did eventually allow me to get one of JUST Baby Jace. But it took some convincing.


As I look back over the summer, I’m pretty happy. We did a lot of cool things, and did a lot of “nothing”. We saw friends, we learned new skills, we played video games, we read books.

It seems like we struck the right balance of fun and relaxing and scheduled activities. School starting just means we’ll be a new season of activities: football, pumpkin patches, cooler weather, changing leaves. The predictability of change is soothing to me.

Its been a good season. And the next one will be just as magical.


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