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Summer Eve

It’s summer eve today – the day before the last day of school. Both Jaylee and I are done with school tomorrow. So its a beautiful time of year – this is one of my favorite transitions. I love the … Continue reading

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Wait, two weeks?

Wow. Two weeks have passed since my last post. That’s crazy. On one side, these last two weeks have felts months long. On the other side, its still hard to believe that two weeks have passed. We went to JC … Continue reading

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2 Hours and 30 Minutes!

That’s how long it took me to run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon this past Sunday! My only goal was to finish, and I thought I’d probably be between the 2:30 and 3 hour range (closer to 3 hours). … Continue reading

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Back to the grindstone

School is officially fully in swing. Today I taught the first lesson in a series of Mullet Ratio lessons, and it was awesome. We jammed to 80’s music while examining some epic haircuts and talking about ratios. The kids (and I) … Continue reading

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Jack of All Trades

I’ve been thinking recently about all the different hats that I wear on a day to day basis. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. And sometimes, I think that it is what I thrive on. Wife Mother Housekeeper Chef … Continue reading

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One more dawn! One more day!…….

OOOOOONE DAAAAAY MOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!! Yea, I’m totally singing that in my head. We sing a lot in this family, both in our heads and out loud. Unless of course you get a “NO SINGING RIGHT NOW!” from Jaylee. There’s one day … Continue reading

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Almost Summer!

I am on such a downhill slope to the end of the school year! The next 4 (!) school days are made up of some Dan Meyer 3-act lessons, award ceremonies, field day, field trips, and other such activities. We’re … Continue reading

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