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Summer Eve

It’s summer eve today – the day before the last day of school. Both Jaylee and I are done with school tomorrow. So its a beautiful time of year – this is one of my favorite transitions. I love the … Continue reading

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What. A. Day.

Phew! Its been quite the day around here! But first, lets play catchup. Life has been chugging along as usual. There’s only 3 week of school left (THANK GOD!). I’m ready for the summer break. One evening when we weren’t … Continue reading

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April… snow?!?!?

So here it is, the 29th of April. And outside, it is snowing. We haven’t gotten a lot snow this winter. But now that its firmly spring and we’ve been enjoying the warm weather… NOW it decides to snow. We’ve … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

Monday at work, I asked one of my coworkers if he’d had a good Easter. He replied that he’d had a good weekend, but he was Jewish so he doesn’t celebrate Easter. I then said happy passover, and we had a … Continue reading

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Spring Break!

Well, it’s been two weeks again. I guess I’m at a point where I’m writing bi-weekly these days. 🙂 That’s ok. Perfect isn’t exactly the standard around here. Its been nice and warm spring weather for us. This means lots of … Continue reading

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Wait, two weeks?

Wow. Two weeks have passed since my last post. That’s crazy. On one side, these last two weeks have felts months long. On the other side, its still hard to believe that two weeks have passed. We went to JC … Continue reading

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Rough Week

So we’re officially into the 4-month growth spurt/sleep regression/nonsense. On one hand, this is one of my favorite ages. Jace is super smily and has started to really belly laugh – usually at his siblings. He loves to pull his … Continue reading

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